Payment & Shipping

FREE Shipping! – Within Spain 
How does the payment work?
Payment methods?

FREE Shipping! – Within Spain
Click on the below links for more details on the 3 different packages that we offer:
Try Out” –  €53,91  – Sent every two weeks.  Shipping costs are FREE
Most Popular” –  €76,86 – Sent every two weeks.  Shipping costs are FREE
Best Value” –  €119,76  – Sent once a month.  Shipping costs are FREE

How does payment work?
We offer 3 different subscription packages (see above) which are automatically renewed either every 14 days or each month depending on the specific package that you’ve selected.  You are free to cancel the subscription any time as all of our subscription packages are without any restrictions whatsoever!  Just send us an email to:  or log into your portal and cancel it from there.

Payment methods
We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Currently, we ship our products only within the mainland of Spain.