Blackberry-Mango Energizer

A refreshingly sweet and tasty smoothie with hazelnuts, mangoes and blackberries – so perfect for a quick breakfast or a hot summer afternoon treat!  Hazelnuts, high in protein and kiwi, rich in essential vitamins and minerals, will provide a positive energy boost.  Juicy pomegranate and papaya offer a variety of nutrients to enhance and maintain good skin, hair and dental health.  (Suitable for Vegans)

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Loaded with innumerable health benefits. Boosts immunity strength, supports weight loss, helps clear out toxins, and helps to battle against diseases.

These berries are rich in Vitamins A and C.  Their very dark colour is proof of their high antioxidant level. Consumption of blackberries detoxifies the body and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

World’s richest sources of Vitamins A and C and minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

Dates (Ecological):
Since they are dried, their calorie content is higher than most fresh fruit. Dates have the amazing benefits for the heart and brain, help in improving bone health, intestinal disorders, heart problems, sexual dysfunctions and many other conditions. Excellent natural sweetener.

Hazelnuts (Ecological):
High in unsaturated fats, magnesium, calcium and Vitamins B and E.

Low in calories but high in potassium and will provide you with 2-3 times your recommended Vitamin C intake of the day.

Pomegranate is good for skin, hair and teeth, boosts a healthy heart, alleviates arthritis, soothes stomach infections, and prevents cancer and premature aging.

Psyllium Seeds (Ecological):
A psyllium seed has prebiotic effects. Absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound that benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight loss.







Per 100g

From: €4.99/cup Free Shipping!

How to prepare

Step 1

Choose the recommend liquid base (see label on cup), fill cup so there is 2-3 cm left.

Step 2

Toss it all into the blender and start it.

Step 3

Once done, pour it all back into the cup. It doesn’t get any easier!


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