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  • 14 Unit Pack. This is the ideal pack to enjoy Frutify for a week. It contains 6 assorted smoothies to satisfy the energy intake of 6 breakfasts. And enjoy your balanced, affordable, and tasty alternative to unhealthy junk food, with the rest of the items you can spread over your main meals however you like.

    Pack de 14 unidades

    Este es el pack ideal para disfrutar de Frutify ...
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  • 21 Unit Pack. Try our customers' all-time favourites. Twenty-one delicious, complete, and affordable meals. Containing everything your body needs in the perfect amount.

    Pack de 21 unidades

    Prueba los favoritos de siempre de nuestros ...
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  • 9 Unit Pack. Ideal for those who do not know how to start enjoying healthy food from Frutify. This pack is the simplest and offers a selection of the top smoothies, food bowls, chia puddings and powerballs that we usually make.

    Pack de 9 unidades

    Ideal para quienes no saben cómo empezar a ...
    53,91 Comprálo
  • Caja personalizable Frutify. Sin duda, nuestra mejor opción para quienes tienen claro lo que quieren.

    Pack personalizable

    Sin duda, nuestra mejor opción para quienes ...
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